Though we only spend a small amount of time in the bathroom, it is fundamental to our well-being we ensure that we make the most of it. Today, we will look at 10 bathroom ideas that will allow you to draw maximum enjoyment and efficiency out of your bathroom, whether it is tried and tested, or primed for renovation.

Read on and feel inspired by our 10 simple bathroom design ideas.

Frame Your Bathroom Mirror

bathroom mirror

Seems simple, right? That’s because it is! The straightforward process of reframing your primary bathroom mirror can instil a new lease of life to absolutely any bathroom, accentuating existing features as well as giving you a new platform to express yourself as you get ready for the day ahead.

The idea that a bathroom mirror doesn’t contribute hugely to the overall interior design philosophy is misguided: your mirror can be a centrepiece of the room, as well as one of the most frequently used accessories – so, why shouldn’t it receive a refresh and concerted effort concerning the overall bathroom design?

Towel Racks and Heated Towel Rails

Heated towel rails and towel racks can create space and practical storage in places that you may have never considered. Requiring a relatively low profile whilst offering the thermal output of more traditional radiators, towel rails provide a style-conscious approach to storage and overall bathroom design.

PlumbHub has an extensive variety of towel racks and heated towel rails to fit any bathroom design philosophy, check them out and see if they fit your vision of your perfect bathroom ideas.

Light Blue Feature Walls

bathroom wall

You want every trip to the bathroom to be a relaxing experience; therefore, why not consider sprucing up your existing bathroom with a feature wall consisting mostly of blue tones and shades, to invite in a more calming and meditative atmosphere?

Blue also happens to compliment another colour accent – one which is reaching mainstream popularity within the bathroom design world – which we will go over in the next entry.

Brass is Back

brass taps

Chrome is out, and the autumnal, rustic tones of industrial metals – such as brassy, golden, and rose gold accents – are in, particularly concerning bathroom accessories. Taps, frames, hoses, switches, and storage items have seen an increased influx of brassy choices enter the marketplace: great for the customer currently looking to dip their toe into the bathroom design market, for an upcoming renovation or revitalisation.

The addition of brass textured bathroom accessories, thanks to the warmer accents, can create the illusion of space within the room, contributing to an airy feeling and less claustrophobic atmosphere: helping you feel more relaxed, particularly if partnered with a blue feature wall, as mentioned previously.

Mood Lighting

mood lighting

Why not add to the feeling of relaxation and illusion of spaciousness by installing mood lighting? Bathroom design can become completely transformative simply by the implementation of effective lighting: mood lighting can increase your enjoyment of your bathroom, as well as the overall interpretation of the room as a showpiece of your home.

Increase Natural Lighting

bathroom natural light

Though, possibly the most complicated to achieve, increasing the natural lighting in your bathroom can be a boon to your health and opinion of your home. Saturating your bathroom in natural sunlight and taking in the varying outdoor views all year round can add a sense of cosiness to your home far greater than if you block out the outside world via a permanently shut blind, or small windows.

Utilise Pastel Colours

bathroom pastel colours

Earthy, organic, vibrant but powdery colourways and tones can increase the calming atmosphere of your overall bathroom design: perfect for a long soak in the bath. Popular colours include pinks, blues, pale green, and beige – muted and understated – allowing your bathroom to feel fresh and energetic, without being overbearing, obnoxious and all-consuming.


bathroom tiles

Lino is a very popular choice of finish for bathroom floor, and for good reason: it is relatively cheap, easy to fit, simple to clean and gets the job done. However, lino doesn’t exactly feel the best underfoot and can look terrible once it reaches end of life.

Instead, consider incorporating floor tiling during your bathroom design process. Not does a tiled floor help create a luxurious and serene character to your bathroom, but it helps the room to appear larger than it may be.

Pairing a professionally installed tiled floor with walls of a neutral colour, or matching wall tiles, can give your bathroom a showroom-level aesthetic.

Matching Floor and Wall Tiles

bathroom tiles floor wall

An often-overlooked way of creating a spacious environment within a bathroom is a design philosophy of using the same type of tiles on the wall as well as the floor. Doing so creates a consistent bathroom design aesthetic, as well as creating a luxurious, professional finish.

The observant amongst you will have noticed that such a bathroom design technique is leaned on quite heavily by the high-end hotel chains, leisure centres and health spas.

Bathroom Shelving and Storage Cabinets

The list of smart bathroom storage ideas is nearly endless: baskets, cabinets, caddies, cubes and shelving solutions offer a plethora of design ideas for any bathroom and the storage of a multitude of bathroom essentials.

Less is more, and the idea behind creative bathroom storage ideas is to allow you to appreciate a minimalist philosophy, as clutter can bring down the mood and create a tense, stifling atmosphere. Wash away with clutter-based anxiety; instead, look for opportunities to utilise your bathroom efficiently via space-saving floating wall cabinets and modern bath panels.


Designing a bathroom can be a challenging process; that’s why we hope our bathroom ideas can help to simplify your revitalisation project. Using just one of our tips may transform your bathroom, so give them a go!

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