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You’ve been looking at bathroom ideas for months and think you’ve finally got it figured out. Ensuring that your bathroom renovation hits the right mark from top to bottom requires meticulous attention to detail so that you are happy with the finished project and so you can enjoy it to its fullest potential. From design philosophy and colourways to bath panels and taps – there is much to consider.

We’ve all seen exquisite examples of bathroom suites on television and social media; oftentimes inspiring us to attempt to capture such luxury within our own homes. Today’s guide will enable you to build upon your vision of the perfect bathroom, ensuring that you don’t overlook the essentials when designing the centrepiece: the ever-present, reliable bath.

Also, don’t forget that we offer an extensive range of bath screens, bath panels, and taps to help spark your creative side and fulfil even the most vibrant of bathroom ideas. This guide will assist you in creating the bath suite of your dreams.

Bath Screens

bath screen

Designed to keep bath and shower water confined to the tub and general wash area, bath screens/shower screens can be crucial in ensuring that the rest of your bathroom is protected from water (and the damage it may cause), be it from an overflow or errant splashes.

Don’t be taken by surprise due to their simplistic, monolithic design: bath screens can often contain useful, additional features to increase your quality of life and enjoyment of your renovated bathroom.

When selecting the appropriate bath screen, it is advisable to consider the following:

  • Type of bath screen: single pane bath screen, foldaway screen, double screen, or an over-bath enclosure.
  • Glass thickness: bath screens typically range in thickness between 3mm to 8mm, though your preference is the main factor in determining which thickness ticks the right boxes, the thicker glass will be heavier – and, usually, more expensive – but will often be of a higher quality and have a more exquisite feel.
  • Accessories and extras: it is advisable to consider the extras and modern conveniences you will like your new shower screen to feature, to create that increased sense of functionality.

Bath Panels

bath panel

As an essential feature of nearly any bathroom suite (sans freestanding baths), bath panels can singlehandedly draw together the overall design philosophy of your bathroom renovation, as well as provide the essential function of concealing unsightly pipework and underside fixtures and fittings.

It can be quite overwhelming when researching bath panels, as there are almost too many styles, sizes and finishes to choose from. When selecting a bath panel from PlumbHub, here’s what you should consider:

  • Size: much like anything in design and renovation, selecting the appropriate size of bath panel is integral to the functionality, integrity, and lifespan of the overall project. You must be sure that your measurements are calculated accurately to ensure that water leakage and installation faults are mitigated, as well as attaining that professional look to the finish of your bathroom.
  • Style: the artistic direction of your bathroom will determine the style of bath panel you settle on installing; whether you go for a classic, traditional bathroom or a modern, simplistic, designer approach, PlumbHub has you covered and can advise on which bath panel most appropriately fits the design philosophy of your bathroom ideas.
  • Extras: common modern extras that have been incorporated into bath panels include easy installation with unfold and fit installation, storage options and other conveniences.

Bath Taps

bath taps

Though not as obvious to consider as bath panels or screens, do not overlook the potential for bath taps and basin faucets to add impeccable, stylish detail and accents to your bathroom, as well as accentuate the decadence of the overall design approach.

Your choice of tap can also be a boon to your quality of life with advanced features such as instant-boil and water-saving features, lowering the price of your water and heating bills.

Your choice of taps can vary in different ways:

  • Single-lever taps: typically featuring one tap hole, this type of faucet utilises a lever which enables the user to balance both the hot and cold water which comes from the single spout.
  • Monobloc taps: these taps will also, commonly, feature one tap hole. They differ from single-lever taps by having two knobs – one for hot water, the other for cold – to control the balance and flow of water entering the basin/bathtub. Monobloc taps often grant the buyer the opportunity to select from a variety of different handle finishes.
  • Two-tap pillars: the most common type of tap installation, basins which feature two tap holes require pillar taps. Fortunately, the ubiquity of such a traditional tap setup means that there are nearly countless varieties to choose from.
  • Spouts: for the simplicity of enjoying your bathroom in comfort, you must select the correct dimension of spout for the size of your wash basin. You should consider the overall function of the basin when you consider which spout to install, too: will the sink be used primarily for the washing of hands, or will it be utilised for more complex grooming tasks, such as shaving or washing hair? These are things you should consider in depth before committing to purchasing a spout.


Your journey towards realising your bathroom ideas should never be rushed: it is advisable to take your time when designing your renovation, as it is often a costly, timely process with a significant investment of finances, emotion, and daily comfort, until the project is finished.

We hope that this guide has simplified the process – particularly when considering some of the overlooked essentials of bathroom design – as well as providing a reference that you can review for years to come.


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